Emergency Information

Our position on emergencies is simple:
Patients of record, please contact our office and if after hours, we will provide you with the contact information for our doctor on call.  Please call as early in the day as possible, this provides us with more opportunities to serve you.

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Emergency Tips

Q: What should I do if my porcelain veneer pops off?
If your porcelain veneer comes off, carefully remove the veneer from your mouth without damaging it further. If you have found only one piece then the veneer may have just become dislodged from your tooth, fully intact. If the veneer is whole, our cosmetic dentists may be able to re-bond it to your tooth, so place it in a protective container. Give us a call to schedule the repair.

Q: Can a veneer coming off cause more serious problems? Will I be in pain?
Ask our cosmetic dentists for specific instructions but, in general, if a porcelain venee, it should only cause minimal discomfort. If all or part of the veneer is missing, you may experience irritation of your lip or tongue from rough edges. The tooth itself could be expected to have a heightened sensitivity to hot or cold foods and beverages because the veneer is no longer there to cover and protect the tooth’s front surface.

Q: What do I do if a temporary crown comes off?
If your temporary dental crown does come off, give our office a call so we can provide you with specific instructions and also make arrangements for you to come in and have it re-cemented. In the meantime, we can walk you through placing the temporary crown right back on your tooth. Doing so will protect the tooth from irritating stimuli such as hot or cold foods and liquids. Wearing the temporary crown will also hold the tooth in place and keep it from shifting position (an important factor in how well or how easily your permanent dental crown can be fitted). If the bite on your temporary crown seems incorrect when it is placed back on your tooth then it might be advisable to leave the temporary crown off.

If your temporary dental crown doesn’t seem to stay in place very well many dentists will suggest that you fill it with toothpaste, Vaseline, or denture adhesive before you place it over your tooth (this technique should only be used for a few days). You will need to be careful with your temporary crown in this state. So you don’t end up swallowing or biting on it unexpectedly, your temporary crown should be removed when you sleep and eat. Anytime your crown is not in your mouth you should keep it wet. Put it in a glass of water or close it up in a baggie.