Gummy Smile

Description: Generally a smile shows eight to ten upper teeth, with almost no gum showing above them.  Certain pathologic and physiologic conditions, however, may cause some individuals’ smiles to expose a great deal of gum above the upper front teeth, making them look shorter, and giving the appearance of a gummy smile. Much like the cuticles on your fingernail, the gums can cover your tooth structure, making your teeth appear short and fat instead of their natural shape.

Solutions: An artistic and trained cosmetic dentist can provide solutions for people with a gummy smile. For example, a gum lift, also known as gum sculpting or gingival contouring may be an immediate solution for this problem. Gum contouring uses a laser to remove excess gum tissue, which allows for more teeth to show and a more even gum line. This procedure is usually quick and performed with minimal discomfort.

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