3 Tips for a Younger Smile

perfect-smile4Would you like to have a more youthful smile? We tend to find smiling faces more attractive, youthful, and upbeat. A recent study showed that people are most likely to underestimate the age of a person if he or she is smiling, but damaged or yellow teeth can make you look older. According to Dr. Debra Gray King, many people start to see their smile deteriorate during their 30’s and early 40’s due to lifestyle and habits that wear down and damage teeth over time. Our cosmetic dentists offer the following tips to get a more youthful smile. 

1. Tooth Contouring & Reshaping: 

We can often predict a patient’s age by checking the wear patterns of their teeth. Teeth naturally wear down, crack, or chip as people get older.

Common procedures we provide to rejuvenate smiles include:     

Tooth contouring and reshaping. This procedure can correct minor imperfections by simply polishing the worn edges and sharp angles of your teeth, making them appear more aligned and symmetrical. 

Porcelain veneers and crowns can restore and enhance your tooth’s original structure, function, and aesthetic. 

Dental bonding conceals gaps, chips and stains by sculpting a tooth colored resin composite to give the appearance of more attractive teeth.

get a younger smile

Actual ACCD patient.

2. Replace Mercury Amalgam Fillings:

Black amalgam, which has been used for decades to repair cavities, expands and contracts, causing tiny cracks in teeth that can possibly be a concern over time. Replacing that material with a new tooth-colored composite resin fillings may be a prudent and health conscious approach to both brighten and alleviate any further breakdown of the tooth. For the same reason that tooth decay shows wear, as do these amalgam fillings.

3. Whiten Your Teeth:

Teeth become discolored over time from drinking, smoking, and natural staining. Our whitening advice? A youthful smile isn’t paper white, but a healthy and natural white. Cosmetic Dentists are trained to advise you on the appropriate, natural shade of white. Once your desired shade is achieved, avoid staining drinks such as grape juice, red wine, tea, and coffee (or rinse immediately after drinking these).

One simple preventative measure is to rinse with water shortly after you eat or drink anything to proactively prevent stains from developing in the first place.