3 Ways to Help Yourself Overcome Dental Phobia

If you suffer from dental phobia, you’re not alone. Some studies have shown nearly three-in-four people have some degree of anxiety about visiting the dentist, and as much as 14 percent of the population actually avoids the dentist entirely because of it. The prevalence of dental phobia has caused the dental community to take note, and many offices now provide services to help people overcome their fears, so they can seek the treatment they need.  At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we go the extra mile to set our patients at ease, because we believe everyone deserves a healthy smile. Below you’ll find three strategies we employ, to keep our patients comfortable during treatment.

1) Take Advantage of Spa Services

Nowadays, “spa services” are offered at many offices, but there isn’t a standardized definition of that that entails. Some offices will light a few candles and play soft music, which is helpful, but it’s not enough for someone with a true dental phobia. Our Dental Zen chairs are specially-designed to soothe away stress with sound vibration. We also have a massage therapist on staff, who provides short complimentary sessions, or longer sessions upon request.

2) Request Comfortable Anesthetic Application, Like “The Wand”

Many people who face dental phobia have more anxiety over receiving the anesthetic shot than anything else. What most people may not know, is that it isn’t the needle which usually causes discomfort, it’s the pressure caused by the anesthetic as it enters the gum tissue that’s bothersome. We utilize a computerized anesthetic delivery system called “The Wand,” which is precisely calibrated to deliver the numbing agent at a rate that doesn’t apply excess pressure on the tissue. Many patients don’t even feel the injection.

3) Consider Sedation Dentistry

Most of the time, “organic” methods of relaxation are all it takes to feel tranquil in the dental chair. Between massage, the Dental Zen chairs, and aromatherapy, those with generalized anxiety are put at ease. However, sometimes people who have had difficult dental experiences in the past have more intense fears. This is when sedation dentistry is helpful. Nitrous oxide, often called laughing gas, is the first method of defense, as it provides an extra calming agent, that’s dissipates as soon as the gas is turned off. This way, people are free to go about their normal day right after treatment, without feeling foggy or tired from medication. As a final option, the doctor can also prescribe oral sedatives, to be taken prior to the appointment.

If fear or anxiety is stopping you from getting treatment, we can help. Schedule a consultation today, so you can experience all our amenities firsthand, and speak with Dr. King about which relaxation techniques are right for you.