Discounted Dentistry Information

Important Note:  Any charitable dentistry that we perform is done through specific charitable organizations.  If you are looking for discounted or free charitable dental services, please refer to this helpful listing for sources.

Discounted or charitable dental services may be available to qualifying low income individuals at a number of dental clinics listed below.  A number of these facilities are very nice and they may provide the most cost effective way to obtain dental care in a reduced or low cost way.  The following information may have changed since we put this together, so you should contact each clinic directly for details on what services they provide, and what fees (if any) that they charge. For example, some clinics may have waiting lists for services; be open only on certain days; accept only patients from certain counties; and not accept emergencies. In addition to these clinics, Georgia Partnership for Caring may be able to match persons without insurance with a dentist. Visit

Ben Massell Dental Clinic
700 Fourteenth St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30318

  • Comprehensive dental exam, No emergency service
  • For low income only
  • Six month residence in Atlanta area required (unless referred by an agency)
  • Statement of clearance required from medical doctor if medical problem exists
  • Clinic hours (for registered patients) 9AM – 4 PM

Grant Park Health Center
Grant Street, SW
Atlanta, GA  30315

  • General Dentistry
  • No extractions
  • Based on income

Southside Medical Center 
1039 Ridge Avenue
Atlanta, GA  30315
404-688-1350 Ext. 553

  • Registration is necessary for medical and dental treatment.
  • Evidence of income and insurance is required
  • Fees based on a sliding fee schedule
  • Payment expected at time of treatment

Dental Student Clinic
Medical College of Georgia
1459 Laney Walker Blvd.
Augusta, GA 30912

Good Samaritan Center
239 Ivan Allen Junior Boulevard
Atlanta, GA 30313
404-523-6571 x-221

  • Cleanings, fillings, root canals, partials, and dentures.
  • Children 7 and up, adults

Southside Healthcare
510 Parkway Drive NE
Atlanta, GA 30308

West End Medical Center
868 York Avenue, SW
Atlanta, GA

  • No extractions
  • General dentistry
  • Sliding fee schedule based on income

Cobb County Health Department

  • Cobb County Residents
  • Registration required before appointment is assigned
  • School screenings cost $2.00
  • Clinic hours: 8 AM – 5 PM, M-Fri

DeKalb County Health Departments
Clifton Springs Dental Clinic: 404-244-4410
DeKalb/Atlanta: 404-370-4640
Central DeKalb: 404-508-7890
East DeKalb: 770-484-2623
North DeKalb: 770-454-1144

  • Proof of income required
  • $50.00 deposit (may be more or less)
  • General dentistry

Fulton County Health Department

  • Fulton County Residents
  • Children 13-17 years of age
  • Comprehensive dental care

Grady Hospital Dental Clinic
Hughes Spalding for Children<
Dr. Lense: 404-616-3304
80 Butler Street, NE
3rd Floor Clinic Area
Atlanta, GA

  • Fulton County/DeKalb Residents
  • Emergencies seen in surgical emergency clinic
  • Grady registration card required before making an appointment

Grady Oral Health Center (HIV and AIDS patients only)

Kirkwood West Dental Clinic

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta
35 Jesse Hill Jr. Drive SE
Atlanta, GA 30303

The Emory Clinic
Department of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery
Emory Clinic Building B
1365 Clifton Road, NE
Suite 2300
Atlanta, GA 30322

Emory, Dr. Susan Muller, Soft Tissue Pathology

Atlanta Community Access Coalition

Cobb County Dental Clinic, Marietta

Georgia Baptist Mobile Health

GA Partnership for Caring

Neighborhood Union Health Center, Atlanta

Give Back a Smile Program