Can I afford it?

dental-disasters-ebookThe question sometimes arises, “How much does cosmetic dentistry cost?”

This is a broad question and the answer can vary as widely as the question, “How much does a car cost?” The price varies depending on the quality, design, and workmanship that you want in the finished product as well as the care and attention that you receive along the way. Although sometimes inquiries are only about cost, that should not be the determining factor. Just as if you were selecting a brain surgeon, or even a restaurant or hotel for that matter, you wouldn’t want to make your selection based on price alone.

First, Ask Yourself–

  • What is your smile worth to you?
  • How does it make you feel?
  • How could a gorgeous new smile change your life?

Like all purchases, cost is relative to value. To some, a luxury vehicle is expensive, but to others, it’s a great value. No two patients are alike. And in our practice, all cosmetic dentistry is tailored to the individual needs and wants of the patient. The cost of our cosmetic procedures for any one patient can range from as little as a few hundred dollars to thousands. That’s because cosmetic procedures can run the gamut from entry-level procedures such as tooth whitening to complex full-mouth restoration cases. There is no “cookie-cutter” approach to cosmetic dentistry. We believe each patient should have the benefit of a prescribed combination of treatments best suited to bring about their individually customized beautiful smile.

Cost Factors

Factors that influence our fees include our investment in space-age materials, our dental technology, commitment to continuing education, the credentials of our cosmetic dentists and staff, our world-class in-house dental laboratory team. These things, among many others, set our office apart. At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we use master ceramists to handcraft porcelain restorations because we realize that no two patients are alike. Some patients have straightforward cases and some are complex

We Fix $7 Haircuts

You may have heard the joke about the hair salon that opened up right across the street from the town’s master barber. The newcomers put up a big sign that read, “WE GIVE $7 HAIR CUTS!” Amused, the barber put up his own sign: “WE FIX $7 HAIR CUTS!” The adage – “you get what you pay for” — is certainly true for a number of purchases, and this includes cosmetic dentistry.

The best approach to determining the cost for your smile design is to schedule an initial appointment that will include computerized cosmetic imaging and a smile analysis. In this visit, we can meet each other and discuss your concerns and desired smile improvements. We will also provide an overview of how we might be able to help you reach the dental goals you feel are important. After we perform an examination, we will be able to discuss the specific treatment plan of action and the specific cost of the smile design that we have prepared especially for you. We’ll also tell you about our no-money-up-front financing plans that we offer to all qualified patients. This makes getting a gorgeous smile more affordable than ever before!