Gum Lift

What is a gummy smile?

A beautiful smile is like a work of art – the smile is the frame, the gums are the matting, and the teeth are the featured subject. Much like the cuticles on your fingernail, the gums can cover up tooth structure, making your teeth appear short and wide. When the proportion of gum to tooth are off, it results in a smile that appears to be mostly gums.

gum lift

What is a gum lift?

A gum lift, or gum contouring,is a procedure where a laser is used to remove gum tissue from the top of teeth. The removal of this excess tissue actually increases the amount of tooth that is visible, making it appear longer. Gum contouring can make the teeth look longer, larger, and more proportioned, resulting in a balanced smile.

If considering a gum lift, it is vital to have a doctor ensure that your gums are healthy (not red or swollen). Then, the cosmetic dentist will evaluate the gum line, assessing which areas need contouring and how to achieve symmetry of the teeth. The procedure is quick and nearly painless. The discomfort associated with the laser has been described as a mild snapping or burning sensation, which quickly subsides.

Other common gingival esthetic problems that can be corrected with a gum lift or gingival contouring, include uneven (asymmetrical) gingival contours, the loss of papillae (small amounts of gum tissue between your teeth) and exposed root surfaces.

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