Smile Design

Smile Design refers to the customized combination of services to achieve a client’s smile goals. The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry has streamlined the process. The smile design method is a highly technical process that requires great skill and experience to achieve a natural result. It is not a method taught at all (or merely touched upon) in dental school, so dentists must learn the techniques in post-graduate courses and then perfect the art through extensive experience. Once the necessary experience has been achieved and the required continuing education completed, doctors can go through the process of having their work evaluated to achieve accreditation. Due to this extensive process, most dentists do not focus on this discipline.

Atlanta Smile Design DentistryIt takes artistic ability and extensive knowledge to create and perform a Smile Design. The involved techniques require precise measurements based upon mouth shape, gum lines, lips, and natural shape of the teeth. This is why we devote time to precisely planning a Smile Design before we begin the actual procedure.


“With each patient, we can create a unique design to fit their age and sex, facial features and characteristics,” says Dr. Debra King. “Most people don’t realize how much we can reshape their teeth, smile and entire appearance. You know when a Smile Design is done well, because the new restorations truly are undetectable and all you see is a gorgeous new smile.”


The First Visit

This planning begins during a patient’s initial cosmetic consultation. Our experienced treatment coordinators perform a detailed smile analysis, which allows them to pinpoint a patient’s specific goals and needs. If applicable, the coordinator can then download a digital photograph into an imaging program and show the guest what their new smile could look like.