Theatrical Dentistry

Dr. Debra Gray King’s artistic dental skills have long been appreciated by patients throughout the country and Hollywood has taken notice.  While Dr. King’s work as a dentist to the stars has also landed Dr. King on hit shows such as Extreme Makeover, Entertainment Tonight and The Doctors, a number of actors have come to the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry to have their smiles improved or repaired before appearing in films and movies, on stage in a big show, in TV commercials, or at the Grammys. Sometimes, rather than correcting or enhancing beautiful and healthy smiles, however, actors or production teams ask Dr. King to do a different form of dentistry. Dr. King has worked with actors to capture a specific look of an individual that they are playing on film.  This sometimes includes collaborating with an actor to create a dental appliance for character teeth with gaps, missing, broken, and crooked teeth to better reflect the character being performed. Using theatrical dentistry, a person can be transformed from pedestrian to a vampire or zombie, glamorous to nearly toothless grins.

Theatrical dentistry is one of the least known branches of dentistry. The procedure of theatrical dentistry many times involves the making of some special type of coverings for the teeth, which in turn gives sufficient appearance for the teeth that are missing or shorter or taller, depending on the character that need to be portrayed, and these are usually reserved for some stage props. In some programs, or dramas or movies, teeth of different types can very well give originality to the roles or characters by making them look like villains, heroes, horror characters, older, dumber, younger, sexy, etc.

Theatrical dentistry requires creativity and artistry to make the right character teeth for the part.  As a California and Georgia licensed dentist, Dr. King enjoys how the same skills that allow her to help thousands of patients have perfect smiles can also be used to have Hollywood have the best imperfect smiles.

Give cosmetic dentist Dr. Debra Gray King a call today at our Atlanta dental office for your dental needs, Hollywood or otherwise.  If we can make teeth appearing many feet wide on the silver screen look real, think what we can do for you.