Services We Offer

In the past, it was certainly with good reason that a fear of dentists was common.  The world of dentistry has evolved greatly over the last decade.  Mercury amalgam fillings, metal orthodontics, invasive drilling and long treatments used to be par for the course in dental offices.

The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry did not invent dentistry, but it did re-invent how dental services are delivered.  We take pride in providing comfortable, non-invasive treatments that are completed with the technologies and techniques of tomorrow.  Our team of highly trained and caring professionals want to help you enhance the natural, intrinsic beauty of your smile rather than create a result that appears obvious or artificial. This is delivered in a 5-Star environment that sees celebrities, politicians and businesspeople from all over the world visit each year.

We have unique expertise in aesthetic dentistry and understand that each and every smile is different. We know you are unique and thus, each treatment is unique.  We have mastered a comprehensive range of the latest treatments available to discuss with you.  We practice metal-free dentistry through minimally invasive techniques and believe in the early detection, prevention, and intervention of tooth and oral disease. We integrate innovative technology and materials with advanced clinical techniques and artistic talents to achieve natural looking and long lasting results. We start by getting to know you through a thorough consultation, centered around your needs, then we can move forward with you to create the perfect smile.