Dental Zen Chairs

The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is the only place in the world that has our unique Dental Zen Chairs. These chairs are very special and revolutionary. After being in the chairs for as few as five minutes, many people experience a deep relaxation effect. In fact, we are seeing that these chairs put patients in such a stage of relaxation that many people actually request less anesthetic.

The chairs deliver a sound massage via therapeutic doses of sound energy transmitted directly through the human body via specially designed transducers and diaphragms located throughout the chair. The chairs act much like full range tuning forks set to resonate and vibrate from a very low to high range of frequencies – the exact full range frequency ranges that the body resonates best at. Through direct contact with the chair’s vibrating diaphragm, the body’s fluid and bones are activated with sound waves from special audio sources.

By scientifically tuning the Dental Zen Chairs to these precise frequency ranges, they are designed so that the most dynamic experience of vibration is in the body. You literally “Become the Sound” and melt into the experience, until you can’t tell where your body ends and the sound vibration begins. All patients know is that this makes their visit an adventure – a pleasant, pampering experience – and they forget they are at a dentist’s office.