Massage Services

We are very pleased to have as part of our team an on-staff massage therapist. Chairside Massage as well as TMJ Reflexology and Myofascial Release, have been proven to be effective when treating patients with dental anxiety as well as the pain associated with TMD (Tempomandibular Dysfuction) and even the side effect headaches from dental and jaw pain that many people experience.

In addition to shorter complimentary sessions with our massage therapist, we offer full sessions, which last about an hour and include elimination of trigger points and tension in the jaw muscles, intraoral massage to help increase mobility and range of motion.

TMJ Massage Session

This works with muscles around the jaw, face, head, and intra-orally to help relieve muscle spasms or pain associated with those hypertonicities (muscle contraction). This trigger point therapy is very affective in people with chronic TMD.

If you are a patient of record and would like to schedule a longer session with our massage therapist, please contact our office to make an appointment.