Computerized Anesthesia

At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, the comfort of our patients is a priority. Since the shot is what many people fear the most, we utilize a computer controlled local anesthetic delivery system. This product is designed to minimize anxiety by delivering an injection that many of our patients report as being undetectable. Now our patients can get comfortable in the precise areas they are to be treated. In fact, in many cases, this Wand device makes it possible to get the tooth numb without having the tongue, cheek, lips or face affected. Thus making it very easy to resume most of your normal activities promptly after your appointment.

The Wand also makes obsolete the menacing looking syringe. The system consists of a sterile disposable hand piece component and a computer controlled anesthetic delivery unit. The hand piece has a light, pen-like handle that allows for pinpoint precision placement of the needle. The system is computer-controlled to automatically deliver local anesthetic at a precise pressure regardless of tissue density and resistance. This results in a comfortable, controlled, effective, and virtually pain-free injection even in the thickest gum tissues.