Intraoral Camera

In combination with digital photography, intraoral cameras have revolutionized the way we diagnose in dentistry. Taking a very close look to all the surfaces of the teeth and soft tissues, we can better assess your oral health, detecting small lesion or fractures that cannot be seen in photos, radiographs or with the naked eye.

With intraoral cameras, you can see cracks in your teeth, fillings that are breaking down, cavities. You can see tartar or calculus, gingivitis, and many other problems. When patients know what is happening in their mouths, they can then make an informed decision about the best treatment. The intraoral cameras also help dentists become aware of problems early on, so they can get them fixed before there is a need to carry out any more serious – and more expensive – work on the teeth. In the long run, they actually help the patients save money. 

Intraoral cameras are painless and require no radiation at all, so they can be used as many times as needed without any potentially harmful effects. They are also a valuable tool to allow the dentist to monitor your treatment and track your progress at subsequent visits.