3 Natural-Looking Ways to Fix a Broken Tooth

Almost everyone deals with a broken tooth at some point in time or another. Just a few years ago, Dentistry Today, a journal for dentists, referred to fractured teeth as an “epidemic,” because it has become so common. While lifestyle factors, such as clenching and grinding, have been suggested as causes for the surge, statistics aren’t important when you’ve got a broken tooth- especially if it hurts or looks unsightly. The good news is that they’re usually fairly easy to fix, and an expert cosmetic dentist, like Dr. King, can make them look perfectly natural using any of these three techniques.

1) Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is the simplest way to fix a broken tooth, and it’s effective when the damage is small-to-moderate. The same type of tooth-colored material that’s used on fillings applied and contoured, so it mimics the tooth’s original shape. It’s worth noting that not every dentist understands the nuances of tooth shades. There’s more to making it look natural than selecting the right color. An experienced cosmetic dentist will also pay special attention to the translucency, so the correction blends seamlessly into your smile.


2) Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers can dramatically enhance an entire smile, repair cracked teeth, and reshape teeth. They’re an ideal choice if you’d like to repair more than one tooth, or want to brighten and correct cosmetic defects on several teeth. With porcelain veneers, a small amount of the face of the tooth is reduced, and a new porcelain face is specially-designed to cover it. The veneer essentially “hugs” the tooth, covering its front and sides, which makes it minimally-invasive and aesthetically pleasing.Slide24


3) CEREC Crowns

Sometimes the damage is so severe that dental bonding or a veneer cannot repair it, and the whole tooth needs to be built up and protected. Preparation for a CEREC crown is just like that of a traditional crown. The entire tooth is reshaped, so that a cap may be put over the top of it.  The cap looks just like a natural tooth, and it protects the original tooth below it. The big difference with CEREC crowns is that all the work can be done in a single visit, whereas traditional crowns are made by a dental lab, and patients have to wait weeks between preparation and permanent seating.

If you have a broken tooth, it’s well worth your time to seek out an expert cosmetic dentist to perform the repair. General dentists often focus on the mechanics, rather than creating a beautiful smile. Dr. King is one of 47 worldwide fellows accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), and understands what it takes to perform these restorations in a way that’s both esthetically-pleasing and long-lasting. If you have a broken tooth and would like to find out what your options are, schedule a consultation with Dr. King today.

5 Reasons We Love Crowns in a Day (And You Will Too)

The “crown in a day” procedure has revolutionized dentistry. It’s often referred to by its trade-name, CEREC, which stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics. At Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re smitten with the technology, and our patients are enjoying numerous benefits because we offer the service. Although there is much to love about the crown in a day procedure, here are five of the biggest reasons people are excited to have it done.

#1 You Don’t Have to Wait Two Weeks

Historically, the only way to have a crown made has been to send impressions to a lab and wait for the lab to create the restoration. The process is carried out by a technician or master ceramist, and it takes him about two weeks to make a single crown. It’s a lengthy process of layering porcelain, staining, and baking. With CEREC, your restoration starts off as a single block of ceramic material, which is then reshaped by a computer in the office.

#2 You Only Need One Appointment

crown in a day

Cerac Machine

Because the machine is in the office and utilizes a streamlined process, it’s much quicker. The restoration is made on the same day the tooth is prepared, so you only need to schedule one appointment. While this is helpful for anyone with a busy life, it’s a huge benefit for those who travel to see the dentist.

#3 You Can Get a Massage While You Wait

Although the restoration is made fairly quickly, there is a little downtime while we wait for the mill to work its magic. Our office provides an array of spa services, including massage. Take advantage of one of our shorter complimentary massages by a licensed massage therapist, read, watch a movie, or just kick back and relax.

#4 CEREC Crowns are Beautiful

When the restoration is made in a lab, it falls upon the ceramist to ensure it looks natural and beautiful. In an office, the aesthetics are reliant upon the skill of the dentist alone. Dr. King is one on 13 worldwide fellows of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, which has incredibly stringent guidelines for even basic accreditation. When you choose a dentist who has taken the additional training and has proven he or she has the skills necessary to be part of the AACD, you can rest assured the results will be stunning.

#5 You Can Skip Messy Impressions

Traditional crowns require impressions to be made using bulky trays and goopy material. CEREC utilizes CAD/CAM technology, so the impressions are digital.

There’s so much to love about CEREC. If you’d like to see if you’re a candidate for crown in a day, contact our office for a consultation today.