Whiten Your Teeth and Help Children in Need with Smiles for Life


At the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, we’re not only dedicated to giving our patients the best possible care, we’re passionate about philanthropy. There are many causes that we routinely donate to and programs that we work with, but the months from March through June are incredibly special here. During this time, we help raise funds for Smiles for Life, a non-profit organization that helps children all over the world.

When You Whiten, We Donate 100%

SoutherGroundlogoWhiter teeth can enhance your entire smile and brighten a room. Studies have shown that a beautiful smile makes you look more successful, smarter, and can even enhance your dating prospects. Now, a whiter smile can also make you a philanthropist, because when you whiten with us, you’re helping children everywhere improve their lives.

One of the partners in the Smiles for Life program is a company called Ultradent, which makes many whitening products under the trade name Opalescence. When you choose to have your Opalescence whitening done in our office now through June, any money (100%!) raised goes straight to charity. Half of it goes to a local charity of the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry’s choosing (we’ve chosen Camp Southern Ground!), and the other half funds a Smiles for Life-approved charity. Their list is extensive, and focuses on organizations that have maximum impact on seriously ill, disabled, and underprivileged children across the globe. Because of people like you, Smiles for Life has raised more than $33 million since 1998. Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry is very proud to say, that with the help of our patients, we have contributed over $130,000.

Get Prescription-Strength Whitening

The whitening you’ll receive is prescription-strength and is only available through a dental office. This is one of the regular treatments we provide for our patients, so you can rest assured you’re getting a top-of-the-line product, our highest standard of care, and are helping kids at the same time.


Please Share this Opportunity with Your Friends

Help us get the word out about this wonderful program. Even if you’re not a candidate for whitening treatments, you can still enrich the lives of children by sharing this information with your friends. Like us on Facebook and share a link, so that everyone hears about this wonderful and unique opportunity.

If you’re interested in having your teeth whitened under the Smiles for Life program, we’d love to hear from you! Give us a call or request an appointment to schedule your whitening treatment!

6 Reasons to Smile

A study covered by the Telegraph revealed an interesting find; people with dazzling smiles are genuinely happier than those who face dental woes. Researchers took it a step further and discovered that people with imperfect smiles tend to have lower self-esteem and those with partials and dentures actually have more stress in their lives than people with a full set of chompers. If an imperfection is keeping your from smiling proudly, cosmetic dentistry can boost your confidence, and give you even more reasons to smile.

Wendy Kilpatrick

1) Teeth Whitening

For many people, teeth whitening can be a direct gateway to a stunning smile. It’s a non-invasive way to give your smile a pop, and might be the only form of cosmetic dentistry you’ll need if you already have a healthy mouth and straight teeth. It’s also a great starting point if you’re considering other treatments.

2) Gum Lifts

Sometimes a gummy smile can detract from its overall vibrancy. Gum lifts are a simple in-office procedure that recontours the gums so your natural smile can shine. Simply removing a millimeter or two of excess tissue is enough to make a person’s whole appearance look different.

3) Veneers

When people want a total smile makeover, they usually turn to veneers. They provide a uniform appearance, remove unsightly gaps, and correct chips and discoloration. It’s a beautiful and functional solution that will give you a perfect Hollywood smile, without having to wait for orthodontics to work.

4) Bonding

Cosmetic bonding can achieve some of the goals that veneers can, but only the affected portion of the tooth receives coverage. If you’d like to use bonding to correct a chip or gap, you may wish to have whitening done first, so that the bonding can be shaded the same vibrant white to match.

5) Invisalign

Nowadays, most adults and teens prefer Invisalign to traditional braces when they’d like to straighten their teeth. The clear aligners don’t carry the same stigma as braces do, and they aren’t noticeable at a conversational distance. Moreover, the process is gentler on the teeth, so it’s more comfortable as well.

6) Cleanings

Although not classified as cosmetic dentistry, a healthy mouth is the first step to having a beautiful smile. By maintaining your oral health with cleanings and professional exams, your teeth will be brighter, your gums will be healthier, and you’ll get to keep your natural teeth longer.

Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry offers comprehensive care, starting with preventative exams and cleanings.  Contact us to schedule an appointment today.

3 Surprising Reasons White Teeth Should be Part of Your Resolutions

Most people want to have white teeth because they are an integral part of a stunning smile. However, this slight tweak can have a huge impact on numerous aspects of your life. If tooth whitening isn’t one of your New Year resolutions already, here are three reasons you might want to add it to the list.


#1 Your Smile Matters to Potential Mates

Numerous studies have shown that a smile is important for both men and women who are looking for a mate. Nearly half of all women in one study agreed that an unhealthy smile would deter them from corresponding with a man on a dating website. Men seem to concur, and rank a beautiful smile high on the list of attributes they look for in a woman, placing it well above other features like her hair. Interestingly, a person’s smile matters more to potential mates than whether or not an individual lives with his or her parents. Nearly one-third of people also say that a person’s teeth are the first thing they notice, and an almost equal amount agree that a smile is the most memorable feature.

#2 People with Great Smiles Fair Better in the Job Market

A healthy smile matters while climbing the corporate ladder, too. People base all sorts of assumptions on a job candidate’s smile. Just by glancing at your pearly whites, your interviewer may surmise whether you’re trustworthy, competent, friendly, and professional. Some studies have ranked a nice smile as being more important than attire and grooming. While it’s not necessarily an accurate measure, it’s one the human brain can make subconsciously.

#3 A Dazzling Smile Will Make You More Confident 

Of course, the most important thing that matters is how you feel about yourself. White teeth are a fantastic confidence booster, whether you’re in the in the market for a mate or taking command of a boardroom. Knowing you look good puts a bounce in your step, and gives you another reason to smile, which can literally change the way you interact in the world.

white teeth

It’s a whole lot easier to get white teeth than it is to drop a habit or stay committed to a new fitness routine, and the results are long-lasting. Although many dentists offer some sort of teeth whitening process, it’s wise to visit a dentist who is accredited by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, so you’re sure to have the best possible results. Dr. King offers in-office whitening, which provides an instantly-brighter smile, as well as a take-home option that will gradually whiten your teeth from home. If you’d like to add white teeth to your list of New Year resolutions, schedule a consultation today.


Tips for Teeth Whitening

Shannon, an experienced hygienist at the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry, gives her two cents on teeth whitening and how to have a brighter, whiter smile.

Schedule for your cosmetic consultation to see how you can have your ideal smile!

Shannon Collins, RDH: The advances in dentistry today have made whitening your teeth and getting great results really easy! We enjoy being able to see people walk in with not so bright of a smile, but walk out with a gorgeous and white smile. Getting your teeth cleaned just before then is very important. Getting all of the outside stain off of your teeth, making sure that the tissues are healthy and not covering up part of the teeth before you whiten is very important as well. Getting them polished. We do an in office whitening here at The Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry. We get great results with that! You’re here for a couple of hours. It’s a process that takes a little bit of time, but it’s well worth it!