Why Choose Us?

Quality PracticeOur goal is to provide each and every client with an incredible experience that blows away his or her expectations of what a cosmetic dental office is like. In our Atlanta Cosmetic Dentistry office, you will see that we have completely changed the way that dental services are delivered. We strive to make our office unique by providing beautiful functional dentistry, outstanding customer service, spa-like amenities, cutting-edge cosmetic dental technology, materials and equipment, and an atmosphere that is warm, friendly and relaxed.

To accomplish these goals, the first thing we do is listen. Our initial priority is to sit down with you and make sure we understand all your concerns, needs and desires as they relate to your dental health and the look of your smile. We get to know you personally and understand what you want from aesthetic dentistry. Only then do we spend time diagnosing and consulting on the recommended treatment plan, which is individualized for each guest.

Unlike what you may have experienced in other practices, cosmetic dentistry at our office is a pleasant, pampering experience. That’s because we are committed to providing high-end cosmetic dentistry in a plush and relaxing setting. Our pleasant form of dentistry consists of more than just great technology. Our patients are pampered to the hilt with fresh baked cookies, pleasing aromatherapy, hand massages, TV screens and noise cancelling headphones.

This is why our practice has been named Lifetime Qualified Member of the Crown Council, an association of independent dental practices focused on improving patient care, their office and the world around them. All members of the Crown Council demonstrate a commitment to excellence, but Qualified Members go above and beyond to earn this respected yearly recognition.  Lifetime Qualified Members are those who achieve ‘Qualified Member’ status for five years in a row.

Each Lifetime Qualified Member demonstrates dedication to continual improvement in their practice and their relationship with team members and patients. The Crown Council requires eight areas of ongoing development in order to receive his honor. These areas include holding regular staff meetings and team evaluations, consistently asking for and acting upon patient feedback, participating in continuing education courses, clinical evaluations, and Crown Council Mastermind Groups, and having a solid financial plan while also giving back to the community through the Smiles for Life Foundation or other worthy charities. Dr. King fulfilled each of these requirements in her quest to make the Atlanta Center for Cosmetic Dentistry a standard for dental excellence.

accred_bus_blackOur practice is also Accredited with the Better Business Bureau, an organization that represents a strong set of standards for marketplace trust. The BBB only accredits businesses that encourage and support best practices, promote marketplace trust, and denounce substandard marketplace behavior. We are proud to bear the seal of such an important organization, as we are committed to honesty, reliability, and integrity.